History of National Young Readers Week

Essentially, National Young Readers Week is a mega event coined by Pizza Hut alongside with the library of congress. In order to add a bit of glamour to this event, celebrities are called upon to read out books in the classrooms in order to inspire young hearts. The act of reading becomes enforced on the young students as they watch the personalities they esteem the most to be well read about a wide array of topics pertaining to their field of interest. These celebrities would include actors, sports figures, safety officers and parents. The day is celebrated to reinforce the essential habit of reading which would shape up the career of the child.

Reader's head

The reader's head is thriving with ideas and innovative ways of doing things. An avid reader who has gotten the chance to improve these rudimentary skills has more creative thoughts than people around him. A fervent reader will be able to solve problems by offering multiple solutions to a single problem. They develop an innate ability to use their figment of imagination to create things from the scratch which other people will not have the capacity to do so.    

Training Young minds

How is it possible to motivate the young students enough to develop the reading habits and inadvertently benefit from the fruitful habit of reading such as being able to write best essays?  By encouraging the young readers to read more. There should be an incentive program for the students which would make them entitled to various gifts including tickets to the Disney World, if they are able to achieve the set target to read X number of books over the period of few months. This way the young readers will be encouraged to become devoted readers and be able to secure their future.      

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