How to Write an Essay

The most important phase of writing is "research". It is the first & the foremost task in writing. It is not possible to write intelligently on a topic on which your knowledge is limited.  To learn more about the topic of interest, you need to read the resources.

Read it carefully!

When an individual conducts research, they must move from lighter resources to the detailed ones as it's the right direction. The internet is the biggest resource of self-learning. Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts & ideas, and move to the solutions and further relevant study on a higher level. Do not limit yourself to internet only; you need other resources as well for better understanding.

Write it Down!

As you read from the resources, keep a piece of paper along with you, to write down the important points. Make sure that you do not forget to write the source details accurately. It might help you at the time of referencing in your content. If you have printable sources then you may highlight the important details on the paper for further understanding.

Read more but take less!

When you are reading one of the resources, most of the details seem relevant to you, and you begin to feel like including a lot from it. However it is not a good practice. When you write an essay, it must be like a general practice to write my essay. If you will be taking others ideas and making them as yours, then it is plagiarism. You may use the resource to refer a concept, idea or theory.

Shop & Save on Cyber Monday

And the busiest day of the year is here at last for online sales. This year Cyber Monday is being held on December, 2013. It falls on the first Monday right after the Thanksgiving & Black Friday.

Stats 2012

When we look at the stats for Cyber Monday 2012, we find staggering figure & most of us cannot even come up with the exact number. How impressive the results can be when we get to hear that a delivery truck left over every 2.45 minutes from the packaging warehouse of Amazon in UK.

Expectations on Cyber Monday 2013

As Cyber Monday has kicked off earlier today, everyone is bewildered to see the exciting range of deep discounted offers. Now is the time to fill your virtual shopping carts. You can  buy the best shopping deals via, & Amazon has added a new feature this year as Lightening offers that change after every ten minutes. (Interesting, eh?)

Enjoy online shopping on this Cyber Monday!

Weekend after a Black Friday is very important for retailers in terms of sales. Cyber Monday falls immediately on Monday followed by Black Friday. The idea came back in 2005 by It is an important day for online shopping season falling between two most celebrated events Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is the symbol of busy all day online shopping for retailers.

The idea behind Cyber Monday was initiated to boost the purchase online from stores. Consumers, after Black Friday, return to shop several staff with a variety of offers for the goods. It is more like a significant event in terms of marketing for the online dealers. An individual can spend on clothes, gadgets, media, laptops, toys, Home items, accessories and much more with exclusive deals and offers on them. The most common ways of shopping online on Cyber Monday are online retailers, emails, social media, etc.

Cyber Monday help consumers to save a lot of money, although increasing the sales for retailers. They make use of coupons, deals & discounts. People consider it an extra advantage to shop online by avoiding long queues on Thanksgiving. Youth is more indulging in shopping online on Cyber Monday

Every year new record of sales is made. It is becoming the-most-sales-event of the year.

Good Day.