Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner, and just like every year you must be expecting throngs of people going out shopping according to the wish list that they had made long before November.Traditionally, Black Friday is celebrated right after Thanksgiving on a Friday to gear up for the Christmas Eve.The festive season was named in Philadelphia where the roads were jammed with traffic and it was next to impossible to manoeuvre the car out of the disruption.Soon afterwards the name gained popularity and began to be observed across the country.As Black Friday is nearing , you must have already marked your calenders for the big day this year which will most likely fall on November. The internet is bombarded with deals including some of the high end brands at the Macy's which is a dream come true for the shoppers. 

Rise & Fall

Interestingly, despite the revival of the US economy the overall spending on Black Friday has diminished over the course of two years. According to a survey, the overall spending on Black Friday was $11.2 billion in 2012 which depicts a decline of 1.8% as compared to 2011. This might have come as a surprise to you as to why has the spending declined significantly when the giant retailers and service providers such as WallMart, Sears, Target, Amazon, Khols, Macys and BestBuy have mega discount offers and doorbusters for the general masses. Perhaps because the consumer today is more cautious about the money and how it is being utilized.The consumer today doesn't buy things based on their whim but for necessity.Therefore, every time the consumer stumbles upon a discount offer. their immediate response mechanism makes them sceptical about the offer rather than taking it as an opportunity.Our salutary advise to you will be to keep looking out for good deals, and don't ponder too much if you are getting a premium quality service at an affordable price.

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